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Web applications: Help desk ticketing system... Employee Timesheet application... Employee In/Out Board... Customer invoicing system. These are all examples of web applications.

Off-the-shelf software products aren't always the best solution for your business needs. They often are filled with confusing features you will never use. Sometimes, the product just doesn't do what YOU need it to do.

Hammer Technologies specializes in crafting custom web applications that are built to your exact specifications. We will work closely with your design team to implement the exact features and look you expect. We will mold your custom application to fit into your network and talk to your legacy servers (ie, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Active Directory, etc..). Whether you need a simple web store for your companies' products or you need a specialized application to suit your specific business need, Hammer Technologies can deliver!

Our products are built using modern Web 2.0 standards and technologies:

  • CSS 3 & 4 - Cascading stylesheets have transformed the web into an artist's palette!
  • Javascript - AJAX technologies like jQuery, Prototype and Scriptaculous.
  • PHP 4 and 5 - The standard for server-side scripting language does all the heavy lifting.
  • MySQL 5 - Used by Google, Adobe, Wikipedia and even Obama's Campaign team.